Photography is not what it used to be. It has grown, evolved, it has reinvented itself. It literally has come out of its frame to expand and hybridize with other formats: installation, book, video, performance. Its original function as a documentary tool is just one possibility among many valid ramifications that can be directed its creative potential. Today photography portrays places, but also imagines them, interprets them, rebuilds them. The limits have disappeared: there are no barriers at the start, the development or the outcome.

The starting point may be the history, the archive, the observation of everyday life, the need to support a visual concept or fiction, the desire to recreate what it was, could have been or will be … The diversity in the solutions is wide and surprising. Increasingly, the process has gained a prominent role. In the selected works is particularly relevant the previous investigation, the manipulation of the images captured, the use of technical procedures, the preparation of scenery or action planned. Photography is his favorite tool, but also an open tool environment for coexistence with other resources. The dividing lines between the disciplines become permeable and the differentiation between them irrelevant. More than capture or show a reality, the proposals conceive and shape imaginary worlds.

The video’s personality is designed based on the question of how we see the images today. We consume images primarily through a Internet screen, in scroll and using social networks. Currently we all have a double, our digital identity, by which we communicate and promote our personal and professional lives. The projection display aims to approach and effective dissemination of the work and put a face to the artists behind.

The artists included in the vídeo are: Aitor Ortiz, Juan de Sande, Victoria Diehl, Emilio Pemjeam, Dionisio Gonzalez, Alejandro Marote, Iñaki Domingo, David Jiménez, Gabriela Grech, Mara León, Laura Torrado, Ixone Sádaba, Cristina Martín Lara, Naia del Castillo, Germán Gómez, Jorquera, Gabriel Campuzano, Carlos Cid, Mikel Bastida, Valentin Valhonrat, Tarek Ode, Rosell Meseguer, Paco Gómez, Pachi Santiago, Diana Coca, Julia Galán, Arantxa Boyero, Soledad Córdoba, Cecilia del Val, María Platero, Ana Galán, Vanessa Pastor, María Sánchez, Rosa Muñoz, Zoé T.Vizcaino, Lola Guerrera, Almalé Bondia, Paula Anta, Nicolás Combarro, Julio Galeote, Alberto Salvan, Miguel Ángel Tornero,  Juan del Junco, Paola Bragado, Jesús Madriñán, Anna Malagrida, Mira Bernabeu, Javier Núñez Gasco, Daniel Canogar, Carlos Irijalba.

Vídeo proyectado en Fundación Teléfónica

Presentación en Fundación Telefónica

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