foto statement

Solimán López (Burgos, -Spain-1981), is an artist who is among the plastic, multimedia, new technologies and performance. Technically uses free software to generate content and contrasted with the physicality of the tangible or plastic. Mechanized processes of the body and its contrast with the machine are shown in pieces like “Human mistakes” or “Identity”, where the image is captured to generate autonomously important photographic records of performative action.

His approach to new technologies because his speech is close to the theories of communication and society. Binomial he has been researching most time of his career.


In this context are included his projects, a study of the digital world and what it communicates and hide. Among his recent projects include its recent participation in the First Biennial Emerging Artists of Venezuela, the selection of his work for the Audiovisual and Live Performance Show Videolooking or selection of the “Wanna Be” project by TEDx curator Valladolid for the Laboratory of Arts of Valladolid (LAVA). Sample recently inaugurating Audiovisual Digital Arts and Contemporary Technologies, MADATAC, (Centro Centro Cibeles, Madrid) with the performance “Follow Us”, exhibited his work in the gallery ArtSpace Switzerland (Switzerland) under the title SPAM, has been selected in the competition IBERART and in the Video Art Festival Camagüey (Cuba), among others.


Currently he is developing the Project Gutenberg Discontinuity, burial consisting on the bury of 13 computers that include unique files in different international locations and Social Robots Project, based on the digital development of humanoids that react visually pulses obtained from social networks like facebook, twitter or linkedin. Last July he enjoyed an artistic residency granted by Create An Accident in Mercury State (Greece), where under the title RE-SET, the artist will continue these investigations.


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