Javier Núñez Gasco’s artworks consist of actions that seek raising issues and paradoxical situations in both, the spectator and the context in which they are displayed. He uses any suitable medium to record and make true his ideas: photography, video or installation. The creation of his scheduled events occurs in dialogue with, at least, three areas of reception: the mass media (television interventions and invented news are released to the press), the bureaucratic procedures that define the individual and collective identity (creation of companies which carry out activities under the umbrella of administrative recognition), and the artistic context itself (establishing rules of acquisition involving agents mediation and potential collectors).

These three levels of incidence, palpable in most of his projects, tend to bring out the contradictions and absurdities of the world inviting the viewer to an ironic and humorous approach to reality.


CV_Javier Nuñez Gasco 2016


The tempest

Stage Fright