Empowering means increasing spiritual, political, social, or economic strength to drive positive change in our lives. In the case of women, this term becomes especially relevant for its history of submission to man and implies a transformation to change the structures that perpetuate inequality and retrograde thinking. To do this, the first thing is to realize that the official behavior does not have to be the valid one and, therefore, must be transmuted. The root of the term itself gives us some clues on how to change things: through the use of power, that also means energy. Energy is an essential condition for a person to be strengthened despite being in a situation of deprivation, damage, violence, marginalization, poverty or discrimination.

Referring to the power, it is not a matter of ambition to be above anyone, but to use it so that we can all reach the same places and have the same opportunities. In short, to have knowledge that the subordination of women has been imposed by a system of socially constructed discrimination that calls out for a change. The present project addresses the different processes of self-determination of women from an active and strengthened conscience. The strategies used by artists to highlight this control are very diverse: appropriation of terms, denial of stereotypes, subversion of behavior, criticism and affirmation of corporealities and a general revision of an entire collective imaginary that belittles the role of women.